Clay Bricks And Building Materials

Clay Bricks And Building Materials Persist Across History

The famous pigs that had the opportunity to choose between various natural resources. The one who elected bricks and building materials made of clay was the one whose house survived the huffing and puffing of all weathers and kept him safe. After all, the Roman Colosseum was built of bricks more than a thousand years ago and is still standing.

Anyone walking in a rocky terrain will notice how many stones there are and perhaps wonder why there are no more buildings constructed with them. The Great Wall of China suggests an answer to this question. It runs along the tops of hills and ridges where erosion has uncovered natural rock which was used to build most of the wall. However, there were parts where bricks were used, and they proved as durable as stone.

Because they come in regular sizes stock bricks(betong kristiansand) are relatively easy to work with. A skilled bricklayer who is assisted by helpers who mix mortar and have it ready to hand as it is required can complete an amazing amount of work in a day. It can seem to admire onlookers that a large building grows up from the ground faster than a magic beanstalk.

When a large building like a block of flats has been completed amateur bricklayers(murer kristiansand) walking the corridors are often amazed at the accuracy of the face brick work that has been completed. Every brick has just the right amount of dried cement between it and its neighbor and is perfectly aligned with others in the face of the wall.

A person who has himself tried to lay bricks(piperehabilitering) accurately on little beds of wet cement and get them to lie in perfect alignment, vertically and horizontally will take great pleasure in contemplating a wide expanse of wall in which there seems to be not one crooked or jutting out fitting.

When some modern buildings are compared with ancient walls which were built out of small tiles hundreds of years ago, bricklaying(murmester kristiansand) as an art seem to have developed quite well. The old walls seem quite crooked and irregular when compared with contemporary structures which are amazingly smooth and regular.

Bricks and building materials made of clay are in serious opposition to materials such as lumber and mud which can be used to good effect and are easier to use in many ways. However, the advantages of fired clay are that it is solid and durable. It will withstand all the vicissitude of weather and erosion for many years because it has been great heat and passed strict quality control tests. The value of a house made of clay bricks is as solid as the materials out of which it is constructed.

April 2020